Desserted Island Bakery

"The Sweet Tooth's Paradise"

"Your strawberry cupcakes were hands down the best I have ever ate in my life, I could have eaten a dozen.  I will definitely be ordering a cake!  Can't wait to try the Butter Pecan and the Banana Pudding."
**Joshua H.**

"I tried a butter pecan cupcake and LAWD it gave me my entire life!  I need an occasion so I can order a cake!  Maybe I'll make up one. lol"
**Quilla M.**

"I swear that was the best banana pudding cake I've ever had HANDS DOWN!!"
**Natasha P.**

"The butter pecan cake is DE-LISH! My mouth is watering thinking about how fantastic it was.  A pecan pie sure would be greatly appreciated!  Please add pecan pies to the menu."
** Veronica S**.
"I have had the pleasure of tasting the banana pudding cake and lemon dream cake and the banana pudding dessert.  What a treat for my taste buds!  I can't wait to try all the goodies you have.  I'll definitely be placing an order for Thanksgiving.  Just so hard to narrow down what to order.  Can't have a table full of sweets and no turkey.  Congrats on all of your success!"
**Kimberly H.**
"I greatly appreciate the My Little Pony cupcakes; they were great and the icing was awesome and it didn't leave an after taste like those store bought cupcakes.  Thank God for a baker with the same taste buds as myself."
**Tameka B.**

"Your banana pudding cake was the best.  I purchased a 1/2 sheet cake for my son's birthday and everyone loved it.  Mouth watering!  The best I have had.  You do an amazing job!"

**Felicia W.**

"Your skills are just tight and I wish you much luck with the business to continue to grow.  Even though I have to step away from the phone looking at the pictures, I do enjoy when I can see what you have created from your master pieces."

**India A.**

"Best in the business..... try it once and you're guaranteed to be a repeat customer!!!

**Rodney L.**

"I shared a strawberry cupcake, that was a part of a company event, with my husband (and he is a strawberry fanatic) and he demanded I ordered him a dozen for our wedding anniversary. #bestever!
JoAnn G.